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“The IRON FIREMAN®“ Competition

Saturday 20. 9. 2008 from 9 am Prague

Czech Republic – CITY TOWER

Saturday 20. 9. 2008 from 9 am Prague, Czech Republic – CITY TOWER

We wholeheartedly invite all firefighters to exhibit their power in the competition “The IRON FIREMAN®“.

This competition is also being held to honour those firemen who died in the line of duty. Free accomodation and free food during the competition.

Entry fee: 20 Euro (or 500 kč)

The competition will imitate real situations from firefighting, with no break between stages. It will consist of 29 floors of action, in full firefighter equipment and boots, and an air bomb. You will be breathing from the air bomb for the entire 29 floors.

Are you the IRON FIREMAN®?

For more information, please visit email koutnik@ironfireman.eu